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How To Quickly Trim A Video File Using VLC

vlcYou want to cut a part out of a footage you recorded with your camcorder or some television show.
Here is some simple and efficient way to do it.


How to Create PDF from almost any application

create pdf fileFor years now, people excange their work using a file format that, there is no doubt, became a standard. And this is the PDF file format. Versatile and easy to use.
But how do we obtain a PDF file?


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How To Create A Phrase Box For The Social Media

How To Create A Phrase Box For The Social MediaYou've probably seen those quote cards around, mostly on the social media. I call then Phrase Boxes. You may want to build your own and share it with your friends. Here's how.


The Keyboard Shortcuts

Modifier KeysMenus and the Mouse are beautiful ways to control your computer. Easy to understand and user-friendly. However, sometimes they can be slow. That much slow that the need of another solution comes up to mind. At that point, History rings the Bell!


The Absolutely Necessary Keyboard Shortcuts

These are the shortcuts that come for the commands we use most in our everyday life and it would be a huge loss of time activating these commands through Menus. Notice that most of them use the first letter of the command. Have it in mind as a memo.