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The New Cool Site For The Mac Is Here!

A new web site for the Mac? Aren't they enough sites out there? Well, yes and no.

There are sites to tell you how to switch on this or that, using the Terminal. There are others to show you how to install that hard to find little piece of Linux software over that core and make it run on X11. And some to whisper to you what will be Apple's next strategic move before the arrival of Vista.

These are good sites, they are full of good information and they have a large audience. But how many sites are they on the web, to tell you about the simple things? Addressed to the real beginning users of the Mac? Very few, if any! That's why we decided to build this one. ""

A site for the rest of us!


Millions of people are making their first steps on a computer, by these days. Hundreds of thousands of them, who make it on a Mac. You may be one of them! People happy of having a very nice machine! But, so many questions. Files, windows, disks, the Internet, the e-mail, iTunes! "How will I come up with all that?" Well, here we are! "Use Your Mac" is your site.

Need help using iPhoto? Don't know how to send photos through mail? How to find your lost file? What app to use to create that party banner? What new software to use on your Mac and where to find it? All that and much more, get it here in "Use Your Mac".

Because all of us here, we are early age Macintosh Users, we've seen a lot and we believe in the Mac as of being the most user friendly personal computer. We want to share this with you and show you how to get the most of your Mac. How to enjoy your life using it. How to not get discouraged and find your own way to the top!

So, let us help you, with this "Use Your Mac" site. Easy to follow explanations in plain English! Join us!